When it comes to your next car, every choice seems difficult.
There is always a but.

You want quality but not sky-high prices. You want performance but you need economy and low emissions. You want comfort but small is convenient. You want fun driving but safetyis a real priority. So maybe you’ll just have to compromise. Or, if you’re smart, consider the i10. It’s a real Hyundai, and that means no compromise on quality, performance, safety or eco-friendliness. And if we don’t compormise, why should you? In addition we believe everyone has the right to lasting comfort and peace of mind, without paying premium prices.


The compact design of the i10. The i10 is stylish. The lines are clean, sculptural and modern. But it is also practical.

New clear headlights

The newly designed clear headlight clusters not only look good, they improve both your night vision and your on-road visibility, adding elegant extra safety.

Rear Roof Spoiler

The stylish rear spoiler is optionally available, it looks stylish and is integral to the aerodynamics of the i10.

Rear combination lamps

Stylish, integrated rear light clusters ensure that you can be clearly seen.

Information centre

A full range of warning and alert lights, together with easy to read dials, lit by eye-friendly blue LED lighting, keep you informed. The blue light also extends to the shift indicator, electric window controls and the audio display panel.


The fingertip-controlled i10. With the i10 it means that you can relax, & enjoy maximum driving satisfaction with minimum effort & distraction.

Adjustable rear headrests

To increase rear passenger comfort and safety, the practical and comfortable rear headrests are available in helmet-style height adjustable format.

Adjustable steering wheel

Individually tailored driving comfort makes every journey special, to increase it a tilting steering wheel is available.

Metal finished interior

Definitely a major style plus point, the metallic elements of the interior look good, feel substantial and are easy to keep clean.

Seat height adjustment

The driver’s seat height adjustment is pump action, enabling any driver to find the ideal driving position in just a few seconds.



Looks or purpose? With the i10, they’re indistinguishable.

Possessing clean and modern lines, the i10 is not just stylish, it’s practical. Entry is easy with the arched roof. The smooth rake of the hood and windshield improves aerodynamics. In other words, the i10 brims with personality and functionality.

For increased visibility and safety, the indicator side repeaters are housed in the side-mirrors. The stance is broad and reassuring, highlighted by the sporty wheel arches. The generous glass area is stylish and gives great clear vision and a light airy interior.